Your dad is the man who taught you how to be the amazing lady you are today – and he deserves all the affection and all the gratitude in the world not only for having raised you, but for having taught you some of the most important lessons in life and for having been there for you always, through thin and thick. Of course, you will want to have a beautiful father daughter moment – and if you are searching for the right song for this special dance, don’t feel like you have to go with the “standard” songs. Your relationship with your dad is unique! Don’t be afraid to pick a unique song that will perfectly fit the moment.

What are some of the most unique songs we’ve seen for the father daughter dance? Here are some you’ll definitely appreciate:

1. You Are My Best Friend — Queen

Beyond anything, your father is your very best friend – he was there for you at all times: from your first steps to that time you got your heart broken for the first time. Dedicate this lovely Queen song to him and he will definitely love it – and guests will definitely love it too!

2. I’ll Stand By You — The Pretenders

Your dad has always been there, and will always be there – and this song is about that precisely. Sweet, deep, and beautiful, this song will embrace your soul while dancing to it and it will make for the kind of memory you will always treasure in your heart.

3. Father & Daughter — Paul Simon

This one’s pretty specific – there’s really no interpretation to it, and it clearly shows the love between a father and his daughter. We bet your dad (and your guests) will absolutely love this tune for the special dance!

4. You Are the Sunshine of My Life — Stevie Wonder

You really are his sunshine – and although you are getting married, that doesn’t mean you won’t continue to be the most treasured gemstone in his life. Stevie Wonder’s voice will accompany you through this lovely father-daughter moment in ways only he can do it: suave and powerful at the same time.

5. Somethin’ Special — Colbie Caillat

What you and your father have is something truly special indeed – and this song is all about that. If you want to make your pop feel emotional and if you want to create the kind of moment nobody will ever forget, this tune is just perfect for you!

Nothing is sweeter or more powerful than a father’s love to his daughter. And that is precisely why so many brides choose to dedicate a special moment to their dads, by having a Father Daughter dance at their New Orleans wedding. Make it a unique and special song, and you’ll remember your dance with your Dad for years to come!  

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