The Ride to Romance: 6 Wedding Transportation Ideas That Are Authentically New Orleans

Every engaged couple understands just how many details go into planning a wedding to ensure everything is perfect for the big day. It’s a chance to add all the special touches that will make the celebration uniquely about you. After selecting the venue, flowers, and cake, now it’s time to consider how you’ll hitch a ride to where you’ll get hitched!

Fortunately, there are plenty of unique wedding transportation options in New Orleans. It all depends on what best fits your personality. Does a horse-drawn carriage sound ideal? Or, is a casual pedicab ride more your style? Say “I do” to a ride that’s worthy of your wildest dreams.

The Romantic Ride: Horse-Drawn Carriages

New Orleans itself is the picture-perfect background for a wedding any time of year. Why not cement the storybook ending with a horse-drawn carriage ride? Talk about feeling like being in a fairytale. It’s a romantic way to spend those first few moments as a newly married couple. Want to bring the whole party along? Royal Carriages has a ride that seats up to eight passengers to fit you and your entire wedding party.

The Southern-Style Ride: Trolleys

The New Orleans trolley car is iconic. What a fun way to pay homage to the city and get to and from the wedding ceremony and reception. You can rent a personal trolley car that will carry up to 20 passengers. It’s perfect for photo ops and delivers on the local appeal the trolley represents. It’s a comfortable and uniquely cool way to ride.

The Casual Ride: Pedicabs

If you don’t have far to go, a pedicab can get you to where you need to be without a problem. You won’t have to spend much on this unique wedding transportation. It’s fast, fun, and fuss-free for the low-key couple. If you want to save your budget for other wedding details, this is a cost-effective option that still delivers a good time.

The Retro Ride: Classic Cars

Ready to make a grand entrance? Rent a classic car for your big day, a dream come true for many who may have always wanted to pull up in a Rolls Royce. For an elegant classic car ride, New Orleans Limousine has you covered. You can even choose to hire a private chauffeur to make you feel extra glamorous and pampered on your big day.

The Classic Ride: Limousines

A limousine is the tried-and-true wedding transportation because of the classy convenience it offers. The bride and groom can arrive separately with each respective part of the bridal party before the “first look” at the ceremony. It’s also an option for close family members or friends who are a significant part of the wedding to feel extra special on the big day. Roll up in a fleet of limos and get the celebration started off right!

The New Orleans Ride: Second Line Parade

We wouldn’t recommend walking for any other place than the streets of New Orleans. Why? Because the two of you, along with your wedding guests, can take part in one of the city’s richest traditions: the second line. Make your wedding a true party by including a parade as your wedding “transporation.” A brass band leads the way, and the “second line” includes the newly married couple dancing the streets of New Orleans with parasols and handkerchiefs in hand while guests follow merrily behind.

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Take advantage of all the unique wedding transportation options in New Orleans as you plan for your big day and enjoy the ride!