Poolside Wedding at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Gentle ripples on the surface. A bright aquamarine hue.  Sparkling reflections of the evening lights. It’s no secret: A pool can be your wedding’s prettiest scene stealer.

Surround the pool’s rim with gorgeous lighting. Set afloat candles, lanterns, flowers, and parasols for a simple, yet stunning focal point.

Here are some of our favorite ways to dress up your venue’s pool and set a spectacular scene for your wedding day.


Dive Into Pretty and Playful

Decorative flowers floating in pool


Scatter Your Favorite Blooms

Whether you love dahlias, peonies, roses, sunflowers or earthy, desert foliage. Scatter full-size flower heads onto the pool’s surface for a vibrant, lush visual effect. Mix and match hues, including pale pinks, oranges, purples, and yellows for the sweetest looks.




Flip Your ParasolPoolside Wedding Decorations - Floating Parasols

Not just for providing shade, parasols can also become creative floats when you flip them over and fill with whatever is your whimsy. Wrap flowers around the parasol stem, like here. Place flameless tealights inside to illuminate the parasol at night. These graceful “boats” will add a touch of gorgeous to any pool.




Pool Flower and Lantern Wedding Decor

Mix Flowers and Lanterns

The ultimate dreamy display: Layer and mix lantern lighting, candles, and florals on the same surface. Arrange several displays and place them on floating bases. If you opt for real candles, the base will act as a barrier to catch the falling wax.




Anchor Down BalloonsPool Wedding Balloon Decor

A modern take on balloons bobbing on the water’s surface, tie weights to the end of the balloon strings to create a show-stopping scene.  Layer them at various heights for added dimension and colorful fringe for some whimsy texture. Even better, place lights inside so they can continue to illuminate the event when the sun sets.





Stage a Stunning Soiree

Poolside Wedding Candle DecorSet The Rim Aglow

Sometimes the beauty of a pool’s wavy, turquoise water is better left untouched. Get creative and surround the pool with a gorgeous frame of candles or lanterns instead. Not only does this transform the pool into a captivating event centerpiece, it also serves as a safety alert so your guests don’t accidentally fall in while getting wild on the dance floor.



Get Your Gobo into the WaterPool Wedding Gobo

Gobo lighting isn’t just for blank walls above the dessert table. No one will be able to miss your monogram when it’s shined into the water instead. Your illuminated initials will create an arresting visual on the pool bottom.


Poolside Wedding String Lighting Light Up From Above

A string of twinkling lights can elevate any environment.  Stretch them high across a pool and then you have an enchanting scene that everyone will want to pull their cameras out for. This creates the perfect backdrop for an evening of mingling with guests and making memories with friends and family.



Poolside Weddings in New Orleans

Chateau Hotel

Just two blocks from Bourbon Street, this finely restored 18th-century mansion and its courtyard pool can fit up to 10 of your closest family and friends for small poolside nuptials.

Hotel Le Marais

Where chic meets charming, the heated saltwater pool at Le Marais is nestled in a tree-filled historic brick courtyard. Invite up to 50 guests to mingle, relax on outdoor lounge seating and witness you saying ‘I do’ under the sun or stars.

Audubon Cottages

Invite guests to stay in private 18th-century cottages with private brick courtyards, as you exchange vows next to one of the French Quarter’s oldest saltwater pools. Poolside weddings fit up to 50 guests and each individual courtyard can be used for food stations or outdoor bars.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

This grand Southern property features a beautiful pool in the center of their large courtyard. Fitting up to 200 guests, the pool is flanked by stately French Provincial architecture and one of the best locations in the French Quarter, behind Jackson Square.

Melrose Mansion

Featuring one of the city’s most contemporary pool spaces, this refined Victorian mansion is located on the oak tree lined Esplanade Ave. Invite up to 65 guests for a poolside ceremony and reception in modern, Antebellum style.

Maison Dupuy

Located in the Vieux Carre district, in a lovely residential section of the French Quarter, this stately property offers picturesque architecture, a three-tiered marble fountain, bed cabanas, and a heated saltwater pool for wedding ceremonies and receptions for up to 200 guests.

The Jung Hotel

Celebrate your big day in sleek modern style on The Jung Hotel’s 6th floor Rooftop Pool Deck. Invite up to 30 guests for a cosmopolitan reception and city views from this Crescent City icon, located in the burgeoning upper Canal Street.

Take the plunge and have fun!

 Pool Wedding at Melrose Mansion