Whether married 5 years or 50, your promises to each other are worth repeating. Renewing your wedding vows is the ultimate way to show your continued love for your spouse and to re-dedicate your future to them. While most couples choose to renew vows during a landmark occasion, such as a 10-year anniversary, there’s no reason to wait. No matter how long you’ve been married, your love has deepened and matured over the years and that alone is reason to celebrate.

Here are our tips for on how to best say, ‘I ‘Still’ Do.’

1.  Pare Down the To-Do List

One of the best things about vow renewal ceremonies is that it isn’t a wedding, nor a do-over of your wedding. While brides tend to dive into the details of wedding planning and get overwhelmed striving to make every moment perfect, vow renewals are much more casual and fun. Your to-do list is noticeably shorter, with less stress to handle. There is no wedding dress to scour the city for, no addresses of distant cousins to hunt down, no cake tastings to attend, no flower vendors to research.

Instead, your tasks include:

  1. Decide on a date
  2. Decide on a location
  3. Decide on how to make it personal to you as a couple
  4. Send out invites
  5. Write your vows
  6. Celebrate

2.  Make Vows Personal

Your relationship is unlike any other out there. You’ve had a unique journey, unique memories, and a unique connection. And, if you’ve had children together, a unique family. So, now is not the time to copy generic clichés or poems off of the Internet. Share how much your partner means to you. Share a story. Consider these questions: How has your love grown over these years? How has your spouse made you a better person? What do you want to thank your spouse for? What do you want to promise them for the future?

3.  From Intimate to Elaborate – It’s Your Choice

Most often, vow renewal ceremonies are not massive events. Most couples restrict invites to only the closest family and friends. No pressure to invite the distant relatives you barely know. It can be as special and intimate as you want, from a small dinner at your favorite restaurant or the biggest party of the year with hundreds of your friends. The only thing to remember: This is to show your continued commitment too your relationship and your life together. However you want to celebrate will be perfect.

4.  Involve the Kids and Grandkids

Unlike your wedding, when it was just the two of you, a vow renewal extends to all the family who have since entered your life.  Your children and grand children are now part of your love story, so make the ceremony a family affair.

5.  Skip The Minister

Since vow renewals are not legally binding, nor a religious rite of passage, a minister is not necessary to officiate. In fact, you can ask anyone to officiate. Your best friend. Your favorite uncle. Even your own child! Choose someone who knows both of you well and who holds a special connection.

6.  Release Friends from Bridal Party Duties

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are unnecessary for vow renewals. However, some couples choose to invite their original bridal party to attend for sentimental reasons. Instead, involve your children and grandchildren.  They can walk you down the aisle, read a quote during the ceremony, or sing a song.

7.  Remind Guests: No Gifts

Vow renewals are not an occasion to get more kitchenware or upgrade your towel collection. Skip the gift giving. This is an intimate soiree and your guests are presents enough. If your friends and family insist on providing a gift, ask they make a donation to your favorite charity.

8.  Celebrate Someplace Special

It’s easy to add your vow renewal to an existing vacation, when the entire family is already together. Simply plan an intimate ceremony into your current agenda. Or, invite guests to join you at a favorite destination. Make the occasion even more remarkable by incorporating a local tradition, like the spirited second line parades of New Orleans. During this favorite local custom, you and your spouse will lead family, friends and a brass band for a raucous parade down the streets of NOLA, while twirling parasols, waving scarves, and throwing beads. The mixture of dancing and music make this one of the most electrifying experiences to have in New Orleans as a couple!

Then, choose a venue that reflects you and your spouse’s personalities. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke vow renewal event at any of our properties. Lean more towards sweet, historic charm? Try Hotel Mazarin, featuring quintessential French Quarter architecture and the neighborhood’s only wine bar.  Prefer something chic and boutique? Hotel Marais’ open courtyard with lounge seating is a perfect spot for alfresco ceremonies. Or, for modern luxury, book the upscale Jung Hotel.

Whatever you decide, start this next phase of your relationship with an adventure everyone will enjoy.