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You’ve walked the aisle over and again in your head, crossing all of your t’s and dotting all of your i’s. Now it’s time to put the icing on the cake. It’s time to indulge in the “sweetest” thing at your wedding… we think you know where this is going.

The last experience that your guests will have at your wedding is the cake. They’re dancing and after a long ceremony, you need a cake that will blow them away. A cake worth the wait. And even if you’re planning a traditional wedding with something blue and something borrowed, your cake needs to be fresh. Stunning.

Colorful gold leaf cakes are so yesterday.  Textured cakes adorned with flowers are having their moment.

Here are some of our favorite wedding cake designs to make your night of bliss, even sweeter.


Ruffled, Decorated and Monogrammed

Ruffled, Decorated and Monogrammed Wedding Cakes

Photo by Brenda + Tim Sison Photo | Wedding Cake by Haydel’s Bakery

A nod to the classically tiered wedding cakes, this ruffled masterpiece’s simplicity accentuates the aesthetic minimalism trend. The floral arrangement forces the eye to zig-zag up the sugary spire all the way to the customized monogram where you finally get to show off your new shared initials to your wedding guests.


Color Blocked and Nearly Naked

Color Blocked and Nearly Naked Wedding Cakes

Photo by Studio Tran Photography  | Wedding Cake by Haydel’s Bakery

This cake rocks a design that incorporates color blocks, floral texture as well as a nearly-naked top tier dressed in a fresh floral bouquet. The separating gold band functions as both symbolism and a focal point that draws attention to the cake’s subtleties. This is the hallmark of a hot wedding cake, soft color accents embellishing the creative details of your personal cake boss.

Textured, Tiered and Dressed in Fresh Flowers

Textured, Tiered and Dressed in Fresh Flowers Wedding Cakes

Photo by The Red M Studio | Wedding Cake by Haydel’s Bakery

This wedding cake pulls together three of the hottest trends in wedding cakes. It is tiered, with plenty of negative space between intricately textured white layers that emphasize the beautiful assortment of fresh flowers. The trick to pulling off the lacey pattern on your wedding cake is to stick with a muted hue to allow the surrounding color palette to stand out.

Remember that no matter which delicious design you decide on, they’ll all be just as beautiful and delectable when you revisit that top tier on your first anniversary.

About Haydel’s Bakery:

For Over 50 years Haydel’s Bakery has been producing some of the finest pastry and cakes in New Orleans and holds two Guinness World Records.