Gatsby’s Guide to a Roaring 20s Wedding

Let’s step back to a lavish time. When flappers turned heads. When champagne flowed. And, when parties were roaring and the love was everlasting. Turn your nuptials into a snazzy, jazzy soiree that Jay Gatsby himself would fall in love with.

Want to set the scene for a Great Gatsby-themed wedding? Here’s your wedding guide to the gold, glitz and glamour of the gorgeous 1920s era.



Set the tone for extravagance right at first glance. Think 1920s typography and fonts, distinctive silhouettes (like classic sunburst motifs) and bold Art Deco lines and strong geometry. The classic colors of the Roaring 20s are unmistakable: Black and gold always exude gilded elegance. Another creative option is to mingle both matte and metallic textures.


Want to walk down the aisle looking like a Gatsby goddess? Glittery gowns will bring drama to any room. Whether for the bride or your bridal party, look for lavish details, like detailed beading, gold accents, fringe, and sophisticated sequins. Don’t forget your hair – play with feathered headpieces, faux bobs, and pin curls.

For the groom and his groomsmen, achieve the dapper airs of Prohibition-era gentlemen with a tailed and sleek tuxedo, a pinstripe tuxedo, or a tailcoat, top hat and white gloves.


White Ballroom at Nottoway


You don’t need Gatsby’s mind-blowing mansion to set the stage for 1920s opulence (though our wedding venues are some of the most spectacular locales in New Orleans!). No matter your venue, immerse your guests in stunning metallic accents (hello bronze flatware!), gilded features, feathers, and strong, geometric shapes and bold lines evocative of the Art Deco period.

Gatsby-Era Treats

The Roaring 20s was more than over-the-top parties and lavishness. New candies and treats were invented at that time. So, instead of your standard expensive chocolates or mints to hand out to guests, lavish them with era-themed snacks. Some foods that were introduced in the 20s: Baby Ruth Candy Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Popsicles, Hostess Cakes and Kool-Aid.

Flapper Foto Stations

Invite your guests to be their most glamorous selves with a playful photo booth. Outfit them with feather boas, top hats, feather and sequins headbands, mobster’s tommy guns, faux long cigarette holders, satin gloves, pearls, bow ties and champagne bottles.

The extras:


Velvet Guest Lounge

Treat your guests to a luxe lounge space where they can relax and mingle over a glass of bubbly. Toss in velvet furniture, heirloom designs, plush pillows, and sequin accents.

Ride Off in 1920’s Style

The glamour doesn’t end once the champagne stops flowing. Make a grand exit and say farewell with Art Deco flair as you drive off to your new life in a vintage getaway car.

Exchange vows surrounded by dramatic, eye-catching Art Deco details at some of the most gorgeous wedding venues in New Orleans. Choose from historic, bricklined courtyards right in the heart of the French Quarter, to romantic Antebellum plantations.  No matter which venue you choose, celebrate marrying the love of your life by evoking the most iconic and elegant time in history.