Find Your Calm During Wedding Day Chaos

You’ve been dreaming and planning your wedding for months. Your venue is perfect. Your catering menu is locked in. Then, the day arrives. All the details, the timelines, the vendors, the relatives, the friends, and the rehearsed moments have to come together with everyone’s eyes on you.  Is it any wonder that weddings can often turn to high-stress and emotional situations for even the most calm of people?

No doubt when hosting an occasion this important, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. What’s the secret to staying calm, cool and collected? Here are some brilliant ways to find bliss on your big day:

Turn in Early the Night Before

Yes, you’ll be so excited that you won’t want to go to bed. But, you must. A lack of sleep means you’ll be sluggish, stressed and irritable…during the biggest day of your life. Start winding down earlier than usual to give your body and mind time to relax. Tell your friends and family you’re turning in early and not to bother you. Light some candles, play calming music, or download a mindfulness app like Calm.

Ban the What If’s

Many couples worry about an endless stream of “what ifs.” Including, “What if no one can find parking?” or “What if it rains?” Instead, take a breath. There is only so much that is within your control. There are only a few things that matter in the end: The start of your marriage and your time with loved ones. So, let your planner and your vendors handle the details, while you soak up and savor every moment.

Location: Melrose Mansion

Let the Entire Bridal Party Bliss Out with Yoga

Set your intention for a stress-free wedding, while still having fun, with a private morning yoga session. New Orleans-based Bride Tribe Yoga will hold a private yoga class for you and your bridal party wherever you are, including your hotel suite or a nearby park. Since they provide all essentials (and many indulgences!), like yoga mats, essential oils, lavender eye towels, flower crowns, a custom playlist of your favorite songs and even mimosas, you’re free to relax and clear your mind. Simply choose a custom flow, from upbeat to detox or meditative to calm your wedding day jitters, and let your endorphins take over for the rest of the day.

Bride Tribe Yoga

Turn Your Bridal Suite into a Spa-Like Sanctuary

Your bridal suite isn’t just to prepare, but also pamper! Light some of your favorite candles. Turn on some chill jazz or lounge music. Sip on warm herbal tea or fresh fruit juices. Nibble on healthy light bites. Allow yourself to press pause and savor the beauty around you, instead of letting your mind and heart race thinking about all the details to come.

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Location: Melrose Mansion

Save the Celebratory Sips for Later

Hold off on that champagne until all the key moments of the day are over. Drinking alcohol compromises your emotions and judgement, which can make trivial situations seem bigger than they really are. Once you’ve walked down the aisle, cut the cake and had your first dance, then you’re off the hook. Raise your glass, it’s time to celebrate.

Location: Melrose Mansion